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We take your privacy seriously. From security at our sales to discretion with your legal matters, we know the law, but we also recognize good common sense.

When Fairfax and Page arrives for a consultation we might ask to take pictures. Any photos will remain confidential unless a contract is signed and a release for marketing is agreed to by the client. We know that a good story sells, but we ask before we post on social media to insure your comfort with putting information out to our buyers.

If we are doing an Appraisal for you we assign your job a work file and archive all related documents as required by The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The ethics and guidelines that we abide by give our documents weight to fulfill the Probate requirements of any court. And those ethics and guidelines set a baseline for everything we do.

In preparing contracts we recognize only the signing agents have the authority to obtain information from us. We will only share confidential information with your express permission.

If we are doing a sale for you we often come upon physical objects that are best served back in your hands. We call this the “Family Box”. Every sale has one. In goes overlooked photos, medical bills, tax documents, personal letters. We have even found engraved baby spoons that go into the box. It is just another way to look out for your interests.

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