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Our clients come to us facing major life transitions and they need someone they can trust, who will keep them from making mistakes. At Fairfax and Page we are proud of our track record. Our experience has shown us what the pitfalls are and we help you avoid them every step of the way. From Appraisals to Estate Sales, Auction Brokering to Consignments we have worked hard for every client.  A happy client is our measure of success.

Hey John, I wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you for doing such an amazing job! I know this was a super challenging situation, and you killed it. Well done. With only two weeks to produce the sale I was thinking we weren’t gonna make it, but then I saw how hard a worker you were I realized it would happen…and successfully too. It’s gonna be hard to leave all the memories in that house, but a fresh new cleaning out is exactly what we needed. Thank you again

Michael Weiss

Thank you so very much, John. It was a pleasure working with you. You did a fantastic job. I will recommend you highly to others. I am grateful to have returned the items you mention and would very much like to have them as a keepsake. Thank you again for making my sale such a wonderful event. It was done with such respect for my parents. You are a very special person. Best Regards.


John – I received the check for the music box. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this. You really impressed us and we will be hiring you again. Thanks again!


Thanks so much for the charity appraisal! It is exactly what I need for tax purposes. I’ve been following your Facebook and have seen your business booming! The pictures of other people’s stuff are fascinating!! I really enjoyed working with you, too, as I’m sure everyone else does. Thanks again!


Thank you for your appraisal and repair referral. I was greatly pleased with your recommendations craftsmanship and professionalism. And thank you again for your help with this project. All of my children are delighted with the result and we look forward to enjoying the outcome for generations to come. My best.


When my grandmother passed away, after years in her Georgetown home, acquiring from her travels and volunteering at The Opportunity Shop, I asked John Lineberger for an assessment. From the moment John walked in, it was as if he understood my grandmother and her spirited collection. John quickly scheduled, marketed and held the sale. We were stunned by the turnout and amazed with the items that sold. His team handled everything with professionalism and saw to my father’s interests for maximum return. For my family, he went above and beyond to make sure we had the remembrances we wanted. I feel that my grandmother would be very pleased.

Kim Workinger

John Lineberger and his estate sale company, Fairfax and Page is excellent. You can check out the Fairfax and Page website, but I’d suggest only dealing with John. He did such a good job for us. John is so knowledgeable – and he has an extensive electronic network of potential buyers and dealers. I recommended him highly.


That’s excellent news! Thank you again! If I have more to sell, I’ll call you for sure. And will recommend you to others if I hear of people needing help with their personal property. Thank you!


Teddy Bear collection sold by Fairfax and Page Estate Sales.