Our Services


Our first meeting is gratis. We can talk over the phone and/or meet with you at your location to discuss your specific needs. We will help you develop a plan, give you an estimate, and talk over options so that you are comfortable with our approach. We strive to make it simple.


Curiosity is one reason to have your valuables appraised. Insurance valuation is another. You need a professional valuation of your property during Probate proceeding and you may need one during estate planning or during divorce negotiations to determine a fair distribution of assets. If you are making a chartable donation of property worth more than $5,000 to a non-profit, the IRS requires a “gift appraisal.”

We begin the appraisal process with an on-site examination of your belongings. We then inventory and photograph the items while noting evaluating characteristics and the overall condition. Extensive market research including sales and history of the item is conducted off-site to ensure proper identification and valuation. Then we write up the report, and that report stands as a legal document. Appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and are available by printed copy and/or electronic transmission.

Clean Up

Our team will come in before the sale and do a thorough set up. It is important that you don’t throw anything away; you would be surprised what it could be worth. We will help you secure the items you wish to keep and take away the items that have no value.

Estate Sales

We will manage the scheduled sales event from beginning to end with an eye on protecting your home and keeping your neighbors happy. All marketing will be done through our online network including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Across our social media assets we average 5,000 unique views per sale and that translates to a line of shoppers outside your door on opening day. Prior to the sale we will clean up, organize, stage and price everything offered for sale. Our expertise and efficiency will deliver best value for your possessions as we find them new homes.


At the end of the sale we will coordinate a cleanout and liquidation of all the items that did not sell.


Fairfax and Page Estate Sales will work with our partners to help you manage a donation if you wish. By turning some of your possessions into tax deductible donations you will help needy organizations meet their goals.

Trash Removal

Upon completion of the sale, we will coordinate trash removal. And then you are done. It is really that easy!