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We know your stuff

If you are in need of an Estate Sale we have produced hundreds. Each Fairfax and Page Estate Sale has a story to tell and hidden gems to be found. We pride ourselves on bringing dignity to the process of finding new homes for your treasures. We stage the house, curate the collections of objects sensibly and give everything a fair market price.

Everyone has Google and can look things up. What we do is correctly identify each item, rate its condition and review it in the context of its fair market value. The difference between a silver dollar and a Carson City uncirculated Morgan dollar can be thousands. We help you not make that mistake over the contents of the house.

At the same time we market to our mailing list of past customers and new prospects over a social media mix that includes a web page just for your sale, e-news letters, and postings that average over 5,000 unique views per sale. This leads to a line of shoppers outside your front door at sale open and robust sales though the entire schedule.

Estate Sales

We will manage the scheduled sales event from beginning to end with an eye on protecting your home and keeping your neighbors happy. Prior to the sale we will clean up, organize, stage and price everything offered for sale. Our expertise and efficiency will deliver best value for you in the form of a check that you will receive within two weeks after the sale.


At the end of the sale we will coordinate a cleanout and liquidation of all the items that did not sell.


Fairfax and Page Estate Sales will work with our partners to help you manage a donation. By turning some of your possessions into donations you will help needy organizations meet their goals.

Trash Removal

Upon completion of the sale, we will coordinate trash removal. And then you are done. It is really that easy!

Fairfax and Page Estate Sales
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