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Fairfax and Page writes Appraisals for Probate Filings and Insurance Purposes. But there may be other times you need to know what your personal property is worth. You may need to know the value of a collection during estate planning or during divorce negotiations. You may be considering a charitable donation of property worth more than $5,000.00. In this case you will need a gift Appraisal to present to your accountant at tax time.

We begin the Appraisal process with an on-site examination of your belongings. We then inventory and photograph the items while noting evaluating characteristics and the overall condition. Extensive market research including sales and history of the item is conducted off-site to ensure proper identification and valuation. Then we write up the report, and that report stands as a legal document.

We have Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) certified appraisers to bring professional attention to your job. We can structure the written Appraisal to give either the fair market value or the replacement/insurance value as appropriate.

Often we get calls from folks just curious about a few items around the house. We offer a “valuation” option that can be affordable in these instances.

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