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We came by the name Fairfax and Page Estate Sales and Appraisals because of our interest in the urban center of Washington DC, the city of Alexandria, and our shared passion for the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

The Valley is rich in history, vineyards, organic farms, Jeffersonian architecture, moonshine, big stories and folks with the time to tell them when you slow down long enough to listen. And we hold a fascination with the lights of Washington D.C. with her embassies, parties, museums, town homes and restaurants. Her neighborhoods hold priceless objects from all over the world and tales to match if you take the time to seek them out.

It is our pleasure to serve the entire region of the Lord Fairfax land grant. This grant made in 1649 encompasses the cities of Alexandria, Charlottesville, and all the suburbs of Washington, DC. But in reality we mainly split our time between Alexandria and the Blue Ridge Mountains. So we selected a name for the counties of our orbit, Fairfax and Page, take in a good home.

Fairfax and Page Estate Sales